Slice Comm., LLC,

PR Pros

We got the message that our communications firm had to dot our "i"s and cross our "t"s.

Jennifer Green,

Founder, Hylo Labs, LLC

We're all about style.  But in business, we know substance is definitely in fashion.


Founder, Ready. Set. Legal.

The legal part of business can be stressful. My goal is to make it easy on you.

Vivo Raw, LLC,

Healthy Foodies

As chocolate makers, we knew our business had to have just the right ingredients.

It’s your work.  Now make it real.

We’re here to help you make what you do legit.  And we’re committed to making it easy and inexpensive.  We set you up as a business and arm you with the contracts you need to run it.  Because you should do what you love, and you want to do it right.

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